Investors in People Gold Standard

We are proud of our achievements and have been successful in being awarded the Gold standard in Investors in People.

We were complemented on our energetic, incontrovertible, efficient & supportive leadership. Our committed ‘can do’ philosophy, sharing of expertise, ongoing development and knowledge transference were demonstrable within the organisation. These practices were firmly embedded in the psyche of staff at YMCA Liverpool. The key themes picked up during the report were:

  • Effective leadership
  • Focus on long term sustainability
  • Positive working relationships
  • Team focus and effective communication
  • Developing Team Members
  • Trust and self managed teams

People indicated that they received good opportunities for learning and development. As a result of good association being made from learning and development to actual application in the workplace at the planning stage, people were able to explain fully what they had learned and how they had applied it for the benefit of Liverpool YMCA.

Investors YMCA in Volunteers

YMCA Liverpool recognise the value in utilising the skills and knowledge of volunteers. We see this as a two way process, giving people opportunity to learn about our work, gain new skills and knowledge and prepare for employment. We work with the  Volunteer Centre Liverpool in ensuring that our volunteer policies and procedures are consistent with current practice and reflect accurately how we recruit, support and develop our volunteers.

In 2012 we were successful in achieving Investors in Volunteers status as a result of the hard work we have been doing since undertaking our commitment to recruiting volunteers.

There is an expressed commitment to the involvement of volunteers, and recognition throughout the organisation that volunteering is a two-way process which benefits volunteers and the organisation