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Tracy Emin is a controversial artist. Her turner prize nominated work, My Bed often evokes strong reactions from art lovers and loathers. The artwork itself cannot be categorised as unsuccessful, each way you assess My Bed it is has over achieved.

Cognitive Analytic Therapy at Liverpool YMCA

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Liverpool YMCA staff members Judith McLaine, Sean Butler, Claire Ellis and Julian Riley are proud to have worked with Dr Karen Shannon in writing an article which has been published in Reformulation, the official news letter for the Association of Cognitive Analytic Therapy.  The article focuses on the psychologically informed case management work that has been on-going over the last…

Poem Workshop 2015

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Matty has been stationed on the front desk at The City of Liverpool YMCA for many years; he is the stable, trusted and reliable face of the service Liverpool YMCA provides for the City. A few years back he was part of a drama workshop, staff and residents used improvisation and poetry to express their thoughts,…

Join Our 170th Year Celebration, Thursday 17th November.

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Tonight, Thursday 17th November, Liverpool YMCA are commenting with the City of Liverpool to celebrate 170 years of service to the city, LYMCA are putting on a service of celebration. LYMCA was set up in 1846 to help address the increasing problem with alcohol and homelessness in the city, 170 years later we are still…

Up Skilling Our Staff

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Up skilling our staff with WordPress Today, 3 of our intrepid staff undertook training on WordPress, a website publishing program used widely across the internet. The training was aimed at giving these staff new skills to assist in creating  interesting and informative content on the Liverpool YMCA website.

170 Years Young

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Liverpool YMCA has a long and proud history of supporting vulnerable people, whilst also developing and progressing as a charity. We have seen many changes over the last 170 years. Originally established to address the social problems within Liverpool in 1846, a significant element of our history has been focused on helping young people in…

Queer and Unaccomodated

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Stonewall Housing has a ‘Quick Exit’ button at the top of their website, so users can quickly and safely ‘vanish’ the website from their computer screens, should somebody enter the vicinity. That quiet little button tells us that we have a huge problem. Those two words are not just a label for a button, they…

Liverpool Accommodation Based Support Consortia

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Introducing Liverpool Accommodation Based Support Consortia The Liverpool Accommodation Based Support Consortia (LABSC) is made up of 7 organisations (Local Solutions, Nacro, New Start, Nugent Care, NWPC, Plus Dane and led by YMCA Liverpool) working together to provide flexible support options to homeless individuals across the City of Liverpool. We are a collective of charitable,…